Florence Olajide and Sade Fadipe

“Nothing beats the joy of being truly seen.”

We are hugely proud to have played a tiny part in this story…

In an exclusive article with Thread Books, Florence Ọlájídé writes about her experience following the release of her book, Coconut:

“I spent the four months from March to July 2020 in lockdown, scurrying away at my computer, determined to make the most of the opportunity that the enforced captivity provided. My goal: to finish the memoir I started fifteen years earlier… I finished the book and Thread offered me a publishing deal. From that moment, my world changed in ways that I could not have foreseen.”

Florence describes the unique bonds created with people impacted by her book, including Sade Fadipe who hosted an event with Florence at Basildon Library in June 2022 as part of Essex Book Festival.

Read the full article, The Farmed, at thread-books.com