As part of Essex 2020, Essex Book Festival is working with its friends and partners to host a number of special interactive workshops and activities to bring young people together from across the county under the collective banner of a Manifesto For Essex.

What is the Manifesto? Put simply, it is a multi-disciplinary platform for young people to explore different ways to creatively express their thoughts and ideas about Climate Change and the environment.

Whether that involves finding out why trees are so important at our Tree-Mend-Us Family Day in Chelmsford. Or having fun transforming old clothes into new items at our special up-cycling fashion workshop in Southend. Perhaps learning how to create a traditional pamphlet or zine in Colchester’s Makerspace. That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Make your mark. Have your say about ‘greening’ Essex. Help us create a Manifesto For Essex!

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