Essex Book Festival Vision Statement

To enrich the lives of people across Essex by organising the widest possible range of opportunities for engagement with books, reading, writing and storytelling.


Essex Book Festival recognises the importance of books and reading to a happy, healthy society; the role they play in education, culture and entertainment, and the contribution they make to promoting mental health, well-being and fulfilment in life. 

Essex Book Festival believes in the importance of diversity within our communities and that books can play a part in fostering understanding and tolerance.

Essex Book Festival is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and aims to make environmental responsibility integral to how we work, where we work and who we work with.

Essex Book Festival celebrates and showcases both new and established writers of all kinds and across all genres, both fiction and non-fiction, and seeks to explore innovative ways to ignite the passion for books, writing, reading and storytelling amongst the widest possible range of people.

Essex Book Festival aims to help establish Essex as one of the UK’s recognised cultural destinations for the benefit of residents as well as to encourage visitors.

Essex Book Festival will always find new ways to engage with everyone irrespective of age, ethnicity and ability; nurturing adventurous reading opportunities for all, while reaching out to those from marginalised and disadvantaged communities.