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March 2020

Clare Hunter and Threads of Life cover
Mat Irvine
chatto4-2 website
1954 Radio Show website 3x2
Manifesto For Essex Printing and Illustration workshops
James Canton
Rachel Jane and Tallulah cover
Clean Break
Michael Dean and True Freedom cover
Pop Up Storytelling Armchair
Gareth P Jones and Dragon Detective 3x2
Josie Dom and Lum cover
Syd Moore
Liz Trenow and Under a Wartime Sky cover
Hanging Hooke
Manifesto For Essex Printing and Illustration workshops
Joanna Pocock and Surrender cover
Timebubble Rocket
Susheila Nasta and Eva Hoffman
Ken Worpole and Hana Loftus
Adrian May and Marina O 2
Smashing It Cover
Robin Brooks
Ultramarine and Phil Terry
Protest panel
Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock
Laura Purcell and Bone China cover
Mark Ellis and A Death in Mayfair cover
Elizabeth Buchan and Museum of Broken Promises cover
Kate London and Gallowstree Lane
Susannah constantine and cover
MK Hill and cover
1954 Radio Show website 3x2
Tom Armstrong and Chris Adam
Ohtheplaces African Stories Efua Sey
Syd Moore
Indie Press Book Covers
Abi Dare and cover
Jason Cowley
Arrival Lounge website 3x2
Christine Dwyer Hickey and cover - date change
Anne Youngson and Meet me at the Museum cover
Jess Kidd and Things in Jars cover
Charlie connelly with cover
Barry Forshaw and cover
1954 Radio Show website 3x2
Recycle Triangle Cloth
Southend Kursaal CTA
An illustration of mountains
Simon Brett website
Agatha Christie and PD James
Lara Maiklem and cover
Samantha Lee Howe and The Stranger in our Bed cover
Lucy Foley and cover
Samantha Lee Howe
Susannah Stapleton and book cover
CL Taylor and Sleep

April 2020

ABP 500 Image
House of Hip Hop

May 2020

jess_phillips and cover

June 2020

Stand Up For Diversity

July 2020

Louise Hare This Lovely City 3x2
Fashion Remade Poster 3x2

August 2020

Samantha Lee Howe
Syd Moore

September 2020

Syd Moore
Bunting 3x2

October 2020

Stand Up For Diversity

November 2020

Irvine Welsh John King Alan Warner 3x2

March 2021


April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

Syd Moore