Purpose of the Policy

To ensure equality, fairness and respect for everyone involved in Essex Book Festival events and activities

Policy Statement

We are committed to embedding equality, diversity and inclusion into all of our activities and working practices.

We recognise our role in contributing towards a vibrant, inclusive and accessible cultural landscape in Essex and our responsibility in challenging oppression, discrimination and barriers to inclusion.
It is our policy that everyone who comes into contact with the Essex Book

Festival shall be treated equally and with respect regardless of:

– gender including binary, gender reassignment or sexual orientation
– disability (physical, mental or learning disabilities and other limitations which may not fall into the legal definition of disability, for example being frail)
– race, colour, ethnic or national origin
– pregnancy and maternity
– age
– religion or belief (any religion, religious belief or philosophical belief)
– marital, social, economic status or responsibility for dependants
– political beliefs
– trade union membership
– unrelated criminal convictions

We commit to creating an environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all involved are recognised and valued.

We will take seriously all complaints of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination by our representatives, volunteers and any others in the course of our festival events and activities.

We will be mindful of our equality, diversity and inclusion policy in the programming of our festival events and activities. We will ensure our programmes offer the widest possible range of events, providing a platform for under-represented and marginalised voices, including ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ groups to interest and engage across all sections of our communities.

We aim to work alongside and in partnership with, as many diverse community groups as possible to suit the interests and meet the needs of the widest variety of people.

We aim to ensure that every festival-goer, volunteer, EBF representative, performer and stall holder should be made to feel equally welcome and included at all Essex Book Festival events and activities.

Wherever possible, we aim to make our events and activities open and accessible to all people regardless of disabilities and to creating accessible marketing materials in print and digital form.