1. Policy statement

Essex Book Festival (EBF) will make environmental responsibility integral to how we work, where we work and who we work with.

We will use our position and influence to build environmental understanding and advocate for positive environmental change with those who work for and with us.

  1. How we will respond 2023-2025

We will:

2.1 reflect, and help to deliver, The Development Plan’s environmental objectives;

2.2 reflect our environmental priorities within our Vision Statement;

2.3 report on our progress each year within our Report of the Trustees;

2.4 establish an Environmental Task Group to consider the environmental impact of everything we do.

  1. Annual programme of events

3.1 The annual programme will be planned with environmental impacts in mind.

3.2 Minimise the environmental impact of our publicity and marketing activities including reducing our use of paper by using digital resources, using sustainable and recycled materials and clearly communicating environmentally friendly travel and transport information for all event venues.

3.3 The environmental impact of our suppliers and venues will be challenged on how they will deliver goods and services at our events.

3.4 Work with venues to ensure waste from events is recycled and encourage audiences to use relevant recycling bins at events.

3.5 Make online team/Board meetings the norm to reduce environmental impact of travel and make best use of public transport, car sharing, walking and cycling for external meetings and events.

  1. Impact

4.1 We will endeavour to measure the effect EBF has on the environment and report on how the actions we have put in place have had an impact.