Crime writing Comp Results CTA 3x2

Thank you to everyone who entered our Criminally Good Crime Writing Competition. The judges were really impressed with the level of entries and we are delighted to announce the winner and runners up.

Winning Entry

Congratulations to Özgür Uyanık whose short story, Friends Reunited, was the winning entry. Oz wins a mentoring session with literary agent Camilla Shestopal and author Samantha Lee Howe.

Friends Reunited by Özgür Uyanık

A blanket of snow over Amsterdam makes it feel like you might still be dreaming underneath the covers. The air is fresh in the nostrils and dead in the ears, except for the crunching of snow crystals beneath my boots.

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Highly Commended Entries

Congratulations to our three Highly Commended Entries:

Just Me Being Normal by Sam Morris

Richard appears on my doorstep as the sound of his bus roars away in the distance. He has a huge bunch of flowers and he’s beaming at me, like when we first started dating. He was such a charmer, before he went all weird on me.
It’s still a bit odd though, to be honest. He normally drives over to see me and he’s got on this baseball cap that he never usually wears.
‘Hello, beautiful,’ he says. ‘What’s up?’
I make a blank face, snatch the flowers and head inside.

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Cat and Mouse by Neil Boom

Monday, 6.30am
She pulled on her track shoes and checked her watch. House keys zipped in her pocket, front door locked and ready to run, she paused briefly to reach up and stroke her cat Cyril, a friendly big black tom who was sitting in his regular spot on her front garden pillar, eyes peeled on his territory. As she stroked him, Cyril arched his back, purred, then settled back to his look out duties.

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As You Sow, So Shall You Reap by Margaret Drummond

Elizabeth’s heart raced as she strode down to the vegetable patch. Entertaining solo was quite a new challenge but inviting Julia to lunch was entirely appropriate.
“Lizzy,” trilled Julia. “I often think about you. So lovely to get your invitation. I’d love to come but not a word to anyone. There’s a guy says he’s from one of the tabloids who’s following me everywhere. What a creep!”
Elizabeth rolled her eyes. Julia thrived on publicity and revelled in any drama. She only had herself to blame if a man was giving her trouble.

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